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carykh (short for Cary Kaiming Huang) is a channel that runs Ten Words of Wisdom (TWOW) and its predecessor, Battle Among Gelatins Using Expertise to Take Everything (BAGUETTE). Carykh was created on July 15, 2011, was verified on April 20, 2018, and currently has over 277,000 subscribers. It is owned by Cary Huang, who serves as the host of the show, creating prompts for each episode and announcing statistics.

The channel also contains multiple AI videos and Cary's other, more minor, or older projects, which include Goime 500 along with more recent works such as the Game of Life and Death and Timed Minesweeper.

The channel's logo is a reference to Cary's game called Cube Roll. Carykh currently has 7 playlists and is featuring 9 other channels which include Michael's channel, fernozzle and Cary's vlog channel, Humany.