The Efficiency Curse is a phenomenon where contestants of Ten Words of Wisdom get eliminated shortly after getting called "The Efficiency Champion" by Cary, with "efficient" meaning placed on the lower end of the safe zone. It was first acknowledged on episode 13B.


Contestant Episode acknowledged Episode eliminated
TehPizzaMan TWOW 6B TWOW 8B
Endr Dragon TWOW 8B TWOW 9B
Christian deWeever TWOW 10B TWOW 11B
Jennings AsYetUntitled TWOW 13A TWOW 13B
fryUaj TWOW 13B TWOW 14B
QwerbyKing TWOW 15B TWOW 16B
GreenTree TWOW 16B TWOW 17B
TheMightyMidge TWOW 17B TWOW 22B