Endr Dragon was a contestant who ranked 51st in Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status Edit

Endr Dragon is currently eliminated, having been on TWOW 9B.

Trivia Edit

  • Endr Dragon is arguably the most memorable efficiency champion.
  • Endr Dragon was the only efficiency champion to qualify for last safe spot two times in a row, and is the only twower along with some_nerd (The Pi Guy) to qualify for last safe spot twice.
  • Many people were sad in the comments of TWOW 9B when it was revealed Endr was out.
  • He was the second to fall to the efficiency curse.
Endr Dragon

Endr Dragon's

Custom booksona as seen in the

Eliminated contestant slide

Responses Edit

Responses (edit)
Episode Response Ranking Average percentile Standard deviation Words
1 June ate November thirty-first because she was very very hungry. 127 59.6580% 26.3080% 10
2 I will call John Cena to beat the cold up. 195 49.5541% 34.7169% 10
3 Aliens told ancient people it would cause World War III. 207 41.7076% 24.0974% 10
4 The factory generated a dodecahedron and snake that liked antidisestablishmentarianism. 152 44.3416% 27.4508% 10
5 Plants are amazing
It's indubitably true
You're amazing, too.
78 50.1365% 26.9245% 9
6 What is in BFDIA 6? 81 47.5668% 38.6165% 5
7 If I were president, I'd create world peace and yoyleberries. 74 43.6501% 29.9324% 10
8 Emoticons
56 42.7097% 33.0201% 5
9 Ten d(elightful l)ancers d(ucked and lanced) while laughing (maniacally) loud. 51 34.3032% 28.4813% 10