Of course, I'm refering[sic] to your near-death situation after TWOW 10. I'm saying you were a "murder" victim, because I often refer to elimination as death. It's nice to see you rebound from such a close call, and survive another 2+ episodes!

fryUaj (pronounced [FRYYOO•EYE]), labelled Boost Murder Victim, is a contestant who ranked sixteenth in Ten Words of Wisdom season one.

Game status

fryUaj was eliminated at sixteenth on TWOW 14B alongside Riley and alexlion0511.

  • Before he was brought back in TWOW 11A, owing to his elimination due to Ping Pong Cup Shots's boost, he was 35th.


  • For about half of TWOW, Cary constantly pronounced his name wrong. fryUaj revealed his name's real pronunciation in TWOW 14A as "Fry-U-Eye" not "Fry-U-A-J"
  • Despite having been temporarily eliminated in TWOW 10B, fryUaj submitted a response for TWOW 11 since Cary revealed that he could return in the comments of TWOW 10B.
  • Crafty7 was the one who showed fryUaj the map of Vermont and New Hampshire that soon became his book appearance.
  • He lives in Warsaw, Poland. Consequently, he is the highest-ranking TWOWer that is also not a native English speaker, as all 15 contestants above him are native English speakers.

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Fr - -
TWOW 13A Boost Murder Victim -
TWOW 14A S1fryuaj Hi, guys! Also, stop pronouncing my name "fry-U-A-J", that is weird, just call me "fry-you-eye" or just "fry". And I give credit to Crafty7 for showing me this awesome map!



Round Response Average percentile Standard deviation Ranking Normalized ranking Words
1 It disappeared to shorten the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 70.531% 31.317% 31 93.8776% 10
2 This year, my cute small cat will warm me up! 54.4893% 32.6212% 127 64.5604% 10
3 They just wanted to have a world without Vine memes. 70.8914% 27.6076% 6 98.0989% 10
4 The snakes killed me in the factory. World is cruel. 60.3648% 27.5033% 28 86.5672% 10
5 Plants are very weird. / What is photosynthesis? / It's mysterious, man. 47.2253% 29.8482% 95 39.7516% 10
6 Write an interesting story about what happened to you yesterday. 47.0945% 24.3295% 86 29.1667% 10
7 I'll try to build taller schools to promote higher education! 66.7562% 29.5182% 3 98% 10
8 Best Users Deliberately Go Exceed Thoughtful Comments Using Those Sayings. 57.1925% 28.9373% 22 69.5652% 10
9 (S)Cary sat(an) on my lap(top), it was (mal)fun(ctioned), and also (sh)odd(y)! 54.3749% 31.9904% 21 62.963% 11
10 A shoe cannot buy an in-SHOE-rance for not getting dirty! 42.8877% 30.2879% 35 19.0476% 10
11 You know, extinguishing is neater than tasting a mouse eater! 51.1489% 32.6718% 15 59.4595% 10
12 Turns out, Ruby has a tree-ly severe case of dendrophobia! 47.8133% 27.7017% 19 29.6296% 10
13 Howpfuly peepI wun't mayk pans heer, I predeekt orygynal repsonsez. 45.8736% 28.625% 18 20.8333% 10
14 In swimming pools, most persons are DIVERS! 36.2603% 31.9357% 16 5.2632% 7