โ€œ You've been involved in a lot of cheating allegations with Juhmatok and Ferok. But now they're both gone, and you're still here. I guess that makes you a scandal survivor. Whether you cheated or not, I did think some of your responses were quite good. โ€

carykh, TWOW 13A

Midnight Light, labelled the Lunar Lady and formerly the Scandal Survivor, is a contestant in Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status

Midnight Light is alive of TWOW 23B.

According to Cary's TWOW simulations, she currently has a 62.87% chance of making the final two, and a 29.51% chance of winning all of TWOW. (as of TWOW 23B)


  • Midnight Light is the last TWOWer to submit 3 responses in the first season.
  • Midnight Light is the only remaining female contestant in the season.

Appearance changes and confessionals

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Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Mi - -
TWOW 13A Scandal Survivor -
TWOW 14A S1midnightlight-1 Hey guys! It's me, Midnight. I love Maths, Monopoly and Midnight (the colour). How about you?
TWOW 15A S1midnightlight I'm so sad that Riley's gone. She was one of my favourite TWOWers. Anyway, I can't believe I'm in the final 14! Good luck to everyone! I hope you like my addition to my book! ~Midnight
TWOW 16A Yay, Final 12 hype! Good luck to you all, but you'll never beat TMM and me cause Brit power! :P But seriously, best of luck.
TWOW 17A Omg! TOP TEN!!! Well done to everyone who's made it this far!!! Good luck to all!!! ~Midnight
TWOW 18A -
TWOW 19A Yay, Final 8!!! I genuinely can't believe I've made it this far! Thanks to everyone who's supporting me! It means so much. On a sadder note, I'm so sad Crafty's gone. He was one of my favourites. Well, good luck everyone! This prompt will definitely have some interesting answers. Thanks, Midnight.
TWOW 20A S1midnightlight-3 Hi everyone, Midnight here again! I can't believe it's nearly been a year since TWOW started, and I'd really like to thank everyone watching and the whole Discord community for making the experience feel so worthwhile and wholesome. I'd also like to especially thank Juhmatok for being so supportive and just in general such a great friend. And again, good luck to everyone still in! <3
TWOW 21A S1midnightlight -
TWOW 22A Woo, final five! Grats everyone!
TWOW 23A Lunar Lady Heyo, guys! Good luck everyone. I'd be happy with anyone winning it, by this stage. Anyways, I'm here to bring you an ad. Because I'm shameless. First off, join this fab minitwow made by the awesome alexlion0511! Link at: Also, a shoutout to some other great minitwows: Dark's, Melly's, and Sprafty's.
I'd avertise mine but I'm happy that it's smallish. :3
Anyways, good luck everyone!


Responses (edit)
Episode Response Ranking Average percentile Standard deviation Words
1 Angry mobs protested against the inequality between November and February. 175 55.9390% 31.6270% 10
2 You can eat lots of hot sauce on your food. 118 54.8899% 27.9001% 10
3 Trump has lived there for millennia, torturing and devouring everyone. 104 52.4368% 31.6196% 10
4 That snake speaks Farsi awkwardly, juxtaposing with that fluent aardvark. 43 58.7410% 25.6148% 10
5 If a plant's upset,
Photosympathise, it'll
Chlorofeel better.
37 56.6617% 33.8558% 8
6 Describe, in ten words or fewer, what happened to Atlantis. 2 67.0399% 28.4864% 10
7 (Entry 1) Mock the other candidates because they lost to a child. 9 60.5064% 30.8952% 10
7 (Entry 2) I would kill myself because I would probably be Trump. N/A (91) 34.0280% 26.0460% 10
8 Entrants Lose In Many Inventive, Nifty Attempts, Then Exit, Defeated. 3 68.5341% 27.0020% 10
9 Because he's gaining too much weight, he's going to die(t). 18 56.7815% 32.8638% 10
10 I feel really bad for Antarctica: it's just so ice-solated. 2 67.3455% 29.9018% 10
11 (Entry 1) Trolls get lols by lipsticking stricken chickens, not half-bitten kittens. 14 51.2667% 33.3679% 10
11 (Entry 2) Chic peeps leak water onto the weak, not feline freaks. N/A (33) 42.5932% 32.1104% 10
12 Ruby's private jet was waiting to take them to Bethle-gem. 21 44.0772% 27.5629% 10
13 Piccasso exibits r amazingely avante-garde; captureing lief's Cattch-22-esque natur beutifully. 11 51.0573% 29.6400% 10
14 Diversity can be achieved quite easily; just inspire nation-wide immigration! 12 49.5707% 29.0861% 10
15 Societal norms? Fear of judgement? Forget those and come eat! 10 50.6071% 30.2256% 10
16 You're only insulting me because you fear my superior intellect. 3 55.4408% 29.8466% 10
17 (Entry 1) PiP, A LeveL III NuN, DiD RefeR OttO, MadaM EvE. 1 59.6327% 36.0285% 10
17 (Entry 2) Overly, Vastly Expensive, Rarely Priced Right, Irrational Costliness, Ending Deals. N/A (6.1) 53.0950% 29.7224% 10