First off, I love your enthusiasm. Despite placing in the top 10 five times, and even winning TWOW 8, I still know you best by your most controversial TWOW 2 response about cutting up dogs. This was unfortunate sequencing for QwerbyKing, since they're a dog.

Riley, labeled the Dog Slicer, is a contestant who ranked fifteenth in Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status

Riley is currently eliminated, having been with alexlion0511 and fryUaj. She said that she accidentally left out the word "internationally" at the end of her TWOW 14B response.


Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Ri - -
TWOW 13A Dog Slicer -
TWOW 14A S1riley This response is very personal for me... I know there may be some people who might not like me after this...
TWOW 17A Good luck to the final 10, and I hope that Puhpucks wins this for Mother Riley! This confessional was submitted alongside Ping Pong Cup Shots’ response.
TWOW 18A S1riley-2 Love you all! Good luck to the Final 9, and win this for Team PuhPucks! This confessional was submitted alongside Ping Pong Cup Shots’ response.



Responses (edit)
Episode Response Ranking Average percentile Standard deviation Words
1 People hate leap years, so they decided to kill it. 198 54.3480% 29.1200% 10
2 You can cut up dogs and bathe in their blood. 171 50.8087% 42.2120% 10
3 The ancients were attempting to conceal their embarrassing Trump shrine. 62 56.9096% 33.3987% 10
4 The awkward snake's juxtaposition of dodecahedrons and factories was renowned. 90 53.2810% 26.2253% 10
5 Photosynthesis / The process in which plants eat / Is really awesome. 59 53.2069% 29.1925% 10
6 Which BFDI contestant would you spend the whole day with? 47 53.4208% 29.7494% 10
7 I would rejuvenate the economy, thereby eradicating all budget cuts. 10 60.2817% 31.5906% 10
8 Amazingly Unusual Transportation Option Moves Objects Beyond Inconceivable Lateral Ends. 1 72.2687% 26.0166% 10
9 I love him (as a friend), the feeling is(n't) mutual. 31 49.1760% 27.2094% 10
10 Punching bags get beaten every day, and nobody helps them. 7 57.7329% 30.7882% 10
11 Commenters HATE ordering cats. The cat-alogue is just too confusing! 4 60.6312% 30.5797% 10
12 Ruby's sister, Sapphire, was impersonating Ruby, causing a corundum conundrum. 8 55.3537% 29.9614% 10
13 Tiem iz hour onlee reztraint, kuntrulling uss our atfer our. 9 52.8508% 29.1555% 10
14 This gender transition provided opportunities for me, promoting transgenders. 15 43.7258% 31.1255% 9