The book produced after inputting "AA" into the generator.

The TWOW πŸ“• gen is a tool made by Cary's brother, Michael, that produces book images depending on an inputted name.

Description Edit

The TWOW πŸ“• gen lets users input a name and will find the colors corresponding to the first two characters of that name. Each letter produces its own color and they cycle through the rainbow; "A" being a shade of red, "M" being cyan, and "Z" being rose.

The generator will then produce a book image from the colors and six other external images. The first three are for books with a face and limbs, the other three are for blank books. Users can select whether the book should have a face and limbs or not.

Trivia Edit

  • When inspecting the JavaScript in the page, there is a comment reading:Β 
    // This is dedicated to Meester Tweester
    within the updateBookΒ function.
  • When putting the textures with the sides of the book together, there is a distinct line running through the center.
  • Characters with a hexadecimal value of 10000 (decimal value of 65,536) or higher will start to produce two different colors. This is due to astral characters' composition of two characters.

Bugs Edit

  • After selecting "Blank," you can not switch back unless you refresh the page.
  • Depending on the browser, the booksona may have miscolored limbs and no outline.

Gallery Edit