What happens if you do? The voters will take you down! Right, voters? Right.


Ten Words of Wisdom 0A (originally titled Ten Words of Wisdom 0) is the first episode of Ten Words of Wisdom, uploaded on December 12, 2015.

Unlike other Ten Words of Wisdom episodes, this is the only A video that reveals the prompt.


Cary officially declares the cancellation of his previous camp, BAGUETTE, before explaining many of the basic mechanics and rules of his new camp, Ten Words of Wisdom. Afterward, he announces the first prompt. He encourages viewers to join, mentions the first round BAGUETTE boosts, and also touches on the possibility of a second season for spectators who did not enter in time.


The prompt, "What happened to the 31st of November?" received 491 responses from 491 contestants. The ten highest voted contestants earned a double-response prize while the bottom 98 were eliminated.


  • Despite being an A-part video, it is structured more like a B-part due to there being no previous prompt.
  • The previous title of this video was โ€œTWOW 0โ€ without the letter identifier. The A was added after TWOW 0Bโ€™s creation.
  • This video is the second-most viewed TWOW video, only beaten by The Amazing TWOW Marble Race (Legs 1-4).