TWOW 0B is the second episode in Ten Words Of Wisdom. It is basically an update video for TWOW talking about how Cary's messaging system won't work and partially how they made a channel called Zack Bone Productions.


The episode was an update to inform viewers that Cary had an issue with Youtube's messaging system, in which it was only showing the most recent 250. Even though there were over 400 responses, Cary was unable to see all of them at once because of this bug. He called on all of the TWOW aspirants to resend the next video under the same prompt, "What happened to the 31st of November?" and to private message him. In other news, 0B was also an announcement for Cary and Michael's new channel, Zack Bone Productions, which was uploading work created from 2005-2009, even before BFDI was created.