You can choose the beginning, the middle, the end—it’s completely up to you. Just try to choose… “randomly”.


TWOW 1A is the first part of the 2nd episode and is the 3rd video of Ten Words of Wisdom season 1. It is also the second A part of the series.


In this video, Cary mainly goes over how voting and prizes work. The way you vote is this. Pause the video at a random place in the green region of the video. That's the voting section of the video. You will see 10 random anonymous TWOW responses labeled A through J. Type in the keyword you see at the top right corner of the page. Score all the responses from best to worst and surround it with square brackets (i.e. [HORSE FCBIAJDEHG]). You don't have to rate all the letters and you can vote more than once. Cary then explains prizes. He also says every contestant's username out loud; the task took about 14 minutes and 10 seconds.


The prompt "What happened to the 31st of November?" got 491 responses from 491 contestants. The top 10 would get a double response prize, meaning they could do two entries each in TWOW 2. The bottom 98 with the worst percentiles would get eliminated in the next episode.