TWOW 1A is the 3rd episode of Ten Words of Wisdom season 1. It is also the second A part of the series.

Description Edit

In this video, carykh mainly goes over how voting and prizes work. The way you vote is this. Pause the video at a random place in the green region of the video. That's the voting section of the video. You will see 10 random anonymous TWOW responses labeled A through J. Type in the keyword you see at the top right corner of the page. Score all the responses from best to worst and surround it with square brackets (i.e. [HORSE FCBIAJDEHG]). You don't have to rate all the letters and you can vote more than once. Cary then explains prizes. He also says every contestant's username out loud; the task took about 14 minutes and 10 seconds.

Prompt Edit

The prompt "What happened to the 31st of November?" got 491 responses from 491 contestants. The top 10 would get a double response prize, meaning they could do two entries each in TWOW 2. The bottom 98 with the worst percentiles would get eliminated in the next episode.

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Transcript (edit)
Cary Welcome to TWOW 1A! If you don't know what's going on, go watch TWOW 0. Now let's get started. 491 of you sent me responses and are now official contestants of TWOW!

I'm showing all of your YouTube usernames on screen right now. Just for fun, I'll try to read all of your usernames out loud. But that will take a long time, so that's going at the end of this video.

Some of you specified how you want to your book to look. Unfortunately, I can't fulfill your wishes until you get to final twenty, because 491 unique requests will be too much to do with. For the time being, you're just based on the first characters of your name. A is red, cycling through the rainbow, so that M is cyan and Z is also red. If you submitted a TWOW response, but you don't see your name in the here, sorry. YouTube's messaging system isn't perfect and I'm still learning to how to menage it too. It's not the end of the world that you're not a TWOW contestant now, because I might have more seasons later.

Okay, onto the voting, which is what all of you came here for. The voting deadline is will be December 30th, 2015 at 10:00PM UTC.
Michael That's right.
Cary [Yawns]

If you're a contestant, you can vote. If you're not a contestant, you can still vote! Everyone can vote! Here's how. See that arrow at the bottom of the screen? Well, when the arrow reaches to the green region, that'll be voting portion of this video. When we get there, I want you to pause in a random spot in that region. You can choose the beginning, the middle, the end—it's completely up to you. Just try to choose… "randomly".

When you pause, you'll see 10 randomly selected anonymous TWOW responses labeled A through J. Read them, and read them from best to worst. Remember, you should judge how well they address to the prompt, "What happened to 31st of November?" We are looking for responses that they are clever, creative, poetic, funny, and so on.

Now, here's what you type in your comment: start if off with opening a square bracket. Then, type the keyword you see in upper right corner. It's just some random English word that will help me identify what the letters in your response actually mean. Without the keyword, your vote will be useless, so don't forget it. Add a space.

Next, type your ratings from best to worst, like this, where A corresponds to the response next to A, B corresponds to the response next to B and so on. You don't need to rate all the ten, but you can if you like. Finally, cap it off with a closing square bracket. The brackets help me identify that it's a vote. You can add anything else in your comments, and you can even vote more than once if you see some other responses you'd like to have your say on. But if you vote multiple times, just realize your voting power will be spread over all of your votes.

Why make a such complex system? Well, this way, when you see other people's votes in the comments, you won't know what responses they're voting on. Since you'll probably land on a different keyword other than voters, you'll be voting on a different set of responses and you won't be influenced by peer pressure. Furthermore, TWOW contestants themselves can still vote, if a contestant sees their own response, they can even put their response first in their vote and other viewers still won't know which response is this because of different keywords. This preserves anonymity in responses.

If you're worried that the system is not fair, because your response might be competing against really good rivals in one episode and really bad rivals in another, just rest assured that the fact everything is completely random means that there is no bias. Furthermore, most responses appear at least twenty times in this video, so everything pretty much evens out in the end. Finally, I also have a word count next to each response. This is just a guide for you, and it's automated, which means you should really double-check before ranking a response low for going over the word limit. Okay, here we go.
[The voting screens flash by]

Yeah, so this is how each person's average percentile will be calculated. Former BAGUETTE contestants—THATcommentor, DaKillahBunnyz, steveminecraft46, Ni Hao Guylan, Mikenkanikal, MatrVincent, taopwnh6427, and DylanMultiProdiction—will each get a ten-percentage-point advantage in TWOW 1. Like I said earlier, the bottom twenty percent of the contestants will be eliminated. That means that ninety-eight of you with the lowest percentiles will be kicked out of TWOW.

I don't know about you, but I think that must be some kind of a world record for YouTube camps. Not quite in the triple digits, but almost! Oh, and what's the prize? Well, the top ten contestants will get to write two responses for TWOW 2, and only the higher rated one will count. This greatly decreases the chance of elimination and greatly increases the chance of a second prize! If there is a tie for tehth place, everyone in the tie gets the prize. So that's it. Have fun voting! And now I'm going to say every TWOW contestant's username. Sorry if I pronounce your name wrong. The contestants of TWOW season one are…

[Cary reads all the users' names, reaching the final two whose names he cannot pronounce]

…um, sorry, I don't speak Hebrew, and… sorry, I don't speak Korean. But it's still really great that you're joining, and see you in TWOW 1B!