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TWOW 22B is the 22nd B episode of TWOW S1 and the 46th TWOW video overall. TheMightyMidge was eliminated, and Meester won. His prize was three mentions, because, starting TWOW 23, there will be no more double/triple response prizes.

Results Edit

Placement Contestant Image Response Score Std. Dev
1st Meester Tweester1
They're terrific territories! They're tentative theoretical terrains....that's too tragic. 67.99% 31.52%
2nd Joseph Howard1
Well, one wouldn't welcome wanderers well; worrying with wall-to-wall water. 67.35% 33.26%

(Most controversial)

Joseph Howard2
Both are fantastical, fictional islands featuring fancy facilities and functions. 53.23% 27.94%
3rd Yessoan1
Dream Island and Atlantis are amazingly alike, Allegorical AND alone..... 51.10% 27.38%
4th Midnight Light1
Midnight Light
Atlanteans are all awfully alike, despite Dream Islanders differing drastically. 50.25% 28.69%
Midnight Light2
Midnight Light
All Atlanteans are apple addicts; Dream Islanders idealize Italian ice cream. 49.67% 29.49%
Dream Island doesn't dwell deep, Atlantis accepts all animated adventurers. 45.03% 27.19%
Midnight Light3
Midnight Light
Atlantis arranges amazing after-school activities, despite Dream Island's being idyllic. 43.16% 29.91%
5th TheMightyMidge1
Firey failed to find Atlantis, fortunately Dream Island felt familiar. 42.99% 30.99%
While Dream Island displays decorations, Atlantis always appears amazingly awesome! 41.42% 27.17%

(Least controversial)

Meester Tweester2
They're zany, zesty zones. Zero sightings, but a zillion possibilities. 40.73% 31.58%

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