Is… is TWOW 23A artwork?

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TWOW 23A is the 47th episode of Ten Words of Wisdom season 1. It is also the twenty-fourth A part of the series.

Description Edit

Cary first gives the reason for the 3 month "twiatus." He mentions a spreadsheet and reads TheMightyMidge's eulogy. He then reads everyone's confessionals, and changes some of the nicknames. Then, he starts the voting. Finally, he ends the video by looking at 3 months worth of fan art.

Prompt Edit

The prompt was "Ten colors raced to get away from the 2020 zombie outbreak. One cheated. Describe which one without using the letter A." Cary got 8 responses from the final 4 contestants. Each contestant could submit two responses, and there was no prize for coming in first.