These are the ranks for each submission for the prompt "How can you beat the cold during this winter season? You can only use one-syllable words." Yessoan, THATcommentor, Mae Young, ZerOcarina, The Slime Bros, Phant0mInfinity, Paintspot Infez, Xenon Virus, snowruntlvr and TheDonuts42 all got to submit two responses this episode and only the better of the two counted. The worse one isn't ranked.
The top 10 contestants got to tell Cary their favourite word and that word would come into play in TWOW 4, but the bottom 71 contestants were eliminated.
A total of 749 people cast 897 votes this episode, so each voter, on average, voted about 1.198 times.

Top 10 Responses (Prize)

Rank Username Submission Percentile Std. Dev. Votes
1st Ping Pong Cup Shots One good way is to stay at home all day 81.75% 19.70% 13
2nd Juhmatok Slap the clouds and tell them to STAHP THE SNOW! 79.93% 26.25% 30
3rd Ni Hao Guylan Lie a lot, it will set your pants on fire! 78.15% 25.36% 20
4th Meester Tweester Beat the "c" in cold to make the cold old. 75.96% 23.69% 21
5th xXBombs_AwayXx Vote for Trump. Let the riot fires warm your house. 75.39% 37.53% 18
6th KandyCreeper First step is to melt the ice in one's heart. 75.17% 28.67% 15
7th Phant0mInfinity [Entry 1] It's all Jack Frost. Kill him, and you'll be fine. 73.90% 28.07% 20
8th sc9849 Wear a scarf, wear a hat or hug your cat. 73.60% 25.18% 29
9th Brand Utger Not hard to stay warm, just jump in some fire! 71.92% 20.91% 23
10th jerri76 likes trees There is no cold, these months need to CHILL out. 71.89% 27.99% 28

Non Top-10 Safe Responses

Rank Username Submission Percentile Std. Dev. Votes
11th AsrielAvenue Make the snow so stressed, it has a melt down. 71.87% 31.76% 20
12th Izach Castro You don't beat the cold, the cold beats you up! 71.72% 33.50% 23
13th TardistheTardis Ask the sun for help to beat up the cold. 71.43% 22.50% 18
Phant0mInfinity [Entry 2] I hear Hell takes in guests this time of year. 70.79% 31.13% 20
14th Tantusar You could just move to the hot land of Oz! 70.67% 29.67% 6
15th Mike Ramsay You can't be beat if you crank up the heat! 70.34% 25.93% 38
16th TTGuy10000 Do what the birds do and move down south. Duh. 70.03% 29.71% 16
17th james cooper For the cold not to kill you, die from thirst! 69.91% 26.72% 16
18th Spicyman33 Light a flame, and burn the house down. Great fun! 69.72% 25.97% 25
19th Carroll Addington Make the cold so mad it heats up with rage! 68.98% 32.25% 18
20th Luke C. (PenBFDI) To stay warm, set fire to your house. No flaws!! 68.47% 27.36% 23
21st John Mars (4DJumpman) Heat does rise, so be wise, and fly up high. 68.35% 29.81% 31
22nd TheGenoYoshi To beat the cold just set your house on fire 68.32% 30.49% 30
23rd Cid Styles Keep far from any shots of Freeze Juice you see. 68.21% 28.84% 35
24th swimswum Make like a bird fly down south where it's warm 68.02% 30.17% 31
25th Conor OMalley Spend that cash of yours on a brand new scarf. 67.68% 21.60% 14
26th InfinitySnapz Dig right to Earth's core. You will freeze no more. 67.54% 28.01% 31
27th Awesome Animator Find Jack Frost and kick him in the snow balls. 67.54% 32.45% 20
28th PacoMan I would fly South with the rest of the birds. 67.14% 27.87% 31
29th Seth Rollins You should not go out in the snow when nude. 66.54% 23.99% 18
30th GizmotheGamer Dont lick a pole or your tongue will fall off. 66.53% 23.03% 16
31st I made this channel for TWOW I can't get cold, since my looks are too hot. 66.35% 26.27% 13
32nd Geometry Dash BlokPurrsun To beat the cold, I think you should eat fire. 66.19% 28.36% 23
33rd Mae Young [Entry 1] Best way is to hug me, I need some love 66.07% 27.38% 30
34th Bunpuffy Keep warm, take pills and stay clear of Ice Cube! 65.98% 27.28% 23
35th TheITChap Light the gas stove and burn down your school work. 65.93% 25.05% 29
36th Roger Houses Why would you beat the cold? How rude of you! 65.52% 29.83% 16
37th Oscar Field To stay warm, just try to be cold, and fail. 65.41% 29.74% 26
38th Bryan Rodin (bryshymy126) You can beat the chill with some 'flix and chill. 65.21% 27.55% 20
39th Tak Ajnin Ask your mom to raise the heat in the house. 65.21% 24.42% 20
40th Vaughn P want to beat the cold? use a whip, i'm told 65.07% 31.64% 18
41st Wolfster J Just be a bear and don't care 'til spring comes. 64.86% 26.40% 37
42nd Thecatsonice Cold? A hot dog or cat should do the trick! 64.71% 26.99% 38
43rd Paintspot Infez [Entry 1] To heat, play my mix tape. It's lit and fire. 63.87% 29.99% 32
44th minecraftwithkitties The cold fights hard, so you might need a knife. 63.57% 29.80% 31
45th Pie Plays I'd beat the cold if I wore pants, I don't. 63.30% 24.32% 25
46th Xenon Virus [Entry 1] Try to turn to ice, and get a freeze burn. 63.28% 25.17% 21
47th dancingfb18 You jump in a pot, and make a YOU soup 63.23% 29.71% 22
48th TheMagicalKBMan I'll keep warm with the fire from my mix tape. 63.17% 25.84% 21
49th Gabe LaSalle You will have to beat it with a hot stick. 62.77% 26.20% 15
50th alexlion0511 Find where the cold lives and blow up it's house. 62.74% 25.12% 35
51st steveminecraft46 To beat it, you must be one with the cold. 62.68% 33.37% 26
52nd TheMightyMidge To keep out the cold this year, burn a corpse 62.33% 29.84% 22
53rd Mariobrosaa Productions Stay in your home and play games near the fire! 62.06% 29.79% 29
54th goldenzoomi Beat the cold with our brand new warm socks! Yay! 61.84% 26.68% 21
55th Jack Spero Build home, cook food, stay home till spring. You win! 61.65% 26.47% 29
Mae Young [Entry 2] Kill a sheep and take it's wool, it won't mind 61.47% 23.15% 30
56th BlueLucario98 gain a lot of weight, sleep and wait for spring 61.30% 27.47% 11
57th Tyler Chai Dive in to a big bowl of red hot sauce 61.23% 24.34% 17
58th AnyatheArtist Get Match, light her, and set your house on fire. 61.15% 30.11% 40
59th Quinn Ruddy Move to a warm place where it can not snow. 60.87% 24.27% 9
60th Andyman620 punch the cold's face! how else can you beat it? 60.84% 29.01% 18
61st CrystaltheCool Don't go out at all, and read a good book! 60.77% 28.51% 18
62nd WhoNeedsAName Pay thugs to beat up the cold so it goes. 60.60% 24.95% 15
63rd Joseph Howard You can try to beat the cold with sticks. Try. 60.57% 26.85% 24
64th JayBud To beat out the cold, just burn your old coal. 60.56% 27.60% 27
65th Sqlslammer Go to hell. There's lots of heat in that place! 60.47% 32.66% 27
66th AnimationCreated Don't lick poles like they do in all those films. 60.32% 29.21% 21
67th Stephen Kamenar If you can't beat em, join em; Let's chill () 60.31% 29.58% 35
68th misterjakester Find a cave and sleep 'til the end of March 60.25% 21.95% 18
69th ButterFlamingo BEAT THE COLD TO DEATH! Trust me, it will work! 60.23% 32.71% 16
70th Will Zhang Don't beat it up. That's mean. Do what Frisk does. 59.88% 32.34% 31
71st MasterOfZoroark Fill your tub up with hot sauce, then jump in. 59.62% 26.48% 22
72nd RockDudeMKW Dress up like a queen and sing "Let It Go." 59.45% 32.04% 37
73rd John Petrucci Crowd 'round a flame, drink some tea, and play TWOW. 59.44% 32.25% 24
74th Not Pro Throw Jack Frost at the sun with a cute grill. 59.10% 26.47% 48
75th Scrooty 6362161296 You can go to the flame wars in a vid. 59.03% 28.35% 25
76th Whiskerando I find a hot fire, then I jump in it! 58.96% 35.21% 22
77th Smileyworkscompany Buy some box gloves and go punch the cold air. 58.72% 25.40% 24
78th Ronan Sandoval Burn down your house! That would sure keep you warm! 58.60% 31.78% 19
79th Austin Eastwood In this cold time of year, I will grow fur. 58.59% 22.72% 25
80th snowruntlvr [Entry 1] You can beat the cold by the Cats! Throw Cats! 58.44% 33.66% 21
81st bling popo No need to beat the cold,spring will be there. 58.20% 24.98% 27
82nd ItsSoooooFluffy Just stay in your house. Why would you leave it? 58.15% 26.87% 37
83rd Reviloja753 (Magnavox) You beat up cold things till they cough up snow. 58.08% 29.09% 20
84th ZerOcarina [Entry 1] By these cold days, wear a coat made of fire. 58.06% 23.90% 17
85th SeanyBoy Stay in the house and turn the heat on BLAST. 57.96% 26.46% 23
86th zoroark SixtyFive Take a trip to the Sun, but bring sun block. 57.84% 29.26% 39
87th XclockXanimations You'll need to wear a scarf. It will look "cool" . 57.74% 29.66% 21
88th SkyBox101 Stay near me and don't say I didn't warm you 57.66% 28.86% 26
89th Roman Neill Kill five or so men, die, and burn in hell. 57.65% 32.10% 23
90th dakillahbunnyz You just stay in your house. I'm smart, I know. 57.61% 29.10% 42
91st Crafty7 Go to Jack Frost's house, then burn him with flame. 57.61% 30.67% 35
92nd some_nerd (The Pi Guy) 'Beat' it with a club or win in a race 57.53% 22.44% 16
93rd Truttle1 To beat the cold, throw a blue shell at it! 57.38% 35.09% 23
94th TheDonuts42 [Entry 1] Go find a wood bat and BEAT THE COLD BACK! 57.26% 38.54% 14
95th Aaron Rubin Stay in or you will feel the cold's strong wrath. 57.23% 24.38% 27
96th Milo Jacquet Go to space. When you come back, you'll feel hot. 57.16% 28.61% 37
97th Hazel Cricket Stay in a house and give your friends some hugs. 57.10% 30.53% 34
98th KirbyRider1337 I'd take in all of the heat from the sun. 56.94% 21.89% 18
99th Varth_EDM Binge watch while chips and Coke are by your side. 56.83% 28.58% 30
100th Experimental Account To beat the cold you must use a hot pot. 56.76% 21.42% 11
101st Devoid Amoeba You could put on a coat that is quite warm 56.64% 35.05% 21
102nd The Slime Bros [Entry 1] You take a sword and slice the cold in half. 56.58% 27.65% 19
103rd MMMIK13 Grab it. Hold it. Punch it. Keep it down. Win. 56.51% 31.70% 38
104th funkydoge The cold, what cold? There is no cold this year... 56.36% 35.46% 14
105th SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe Run so fast so that the cold can't catch up. 56.30% 26.71% 14
106th funnyboy044 Beat the cold with the might of "The Death Kicks". 56.24% 27.31% 34
107th Tile is kuel Cold is weak, just use a sword to beat it. 56.20% 28.25% 28
108th Marco Mora lorca To beat the cold you should dodge ice and lakes 56.13% 28.29% 26
109th Brady Chan If you can't beat the cold, then you must suck. 56.01% 25.75% 19
110th American Camper I sold all my clothes. I blame budge it cuts. 55.64% 33.28% 40
111th Sawygo You can hug a warm dog, and watch Carykh. Easy! 55.59% 37.19% 27
112th Henry Scott Use the heat from your dead cat to warm up. 55.56% 32.12% 14
113th Sean Leong Get your friends and hug them all to keep warm. 55.52% 26.95% 35
114th Duck Wrath With a fire ball, throw it at the cold gods. 55.47% 24.88% 25
115th chichinitz Move to Chad where it is hot all the time. 55.45% 28.30% 30
116th wifishark Fire punch it in the gut. Then run man, run!!! 55.28% 31.95% 22
117th DylanMultiProduction You Punch The Cold 'Till It Bleeds Bright Pink Slush. 55.17% 28.90% 17
118th Midnight Light You can eat lots of hot sauce on your food. 54.89% 27.90% 22
119th J_duude It's not that hard. Just don't go in the snow! 54.87% 27.29% 35
120th RainingPlates Cold is slow, so it should be beat with ease. 54.81% 32.79% 35
121st Carrotkid08 Roll up your sleeves and punch the cold down hard! 54.77% 24.33% 20
122nd LucidSigma You can beat the cold if you don't touch snow. 54.71% 23.80% 21
123rd Kathie Bennett Play with friends. What!? You have no friends? Too bad. 54.62% 32.69% 16
ZerOcarina [Entry 2] When it's cold out there, you must close the doors. 54.62% 33.33% 16
124th Sam Baker (thecool1204) Wrap up warm and drink lots of cups of tea. 54.59% 24.58% 24
125th tumble You move to a warm place, like a smart bird. 54.56% 28.88% 22
126th Lyndon Fan Dress more, stay at home and watch TWOW like now. 54.52% 26.12% 8
127th fryUaj This year, my cute small cat will warm me up! 54.49% 32.62% 27
128th Jeelhu77 Cats must sleep on your face so you can live. 54.33% 34.24% 16
129th THATcommentor [Entry 1] Give Saint Nick and Jack Frost clauses to cool off. 54.23% 35.13% 22
130th Max McKeay You don't have to. Just stay in and watch TWOW. 54.19% 36.95% 43
131st Ann Ant Slide on two scarfs to miss lakes and don't drown 54.12% 32.09% 14
132nd richcolour I like to kill a cow and get in it. 54.10% 33.12% 18
133rd Computer 2468 You shoot it with your brand new gun. Oh yeah. 54.10% 25.46% 30
134th Jennings AsYetUntitled Beat the cold with gloves. Gloves to box with it. 54.06% 30.54% 15
135th beanme100 Add green house gas to the sky. Take that, cold! 54.01% 33.32% 17
136th Yessoan [Entry 1] Move to the sun and cold will leave you be. 53.99% 36.41% 22
137th Ploot Adrain Coat your skin in pig's fat and wear a hat. 53.88% 27.71% 33
snowruntlvr [Entry 2] Beat the Cold with Heat and the Cold will fall! 53.78% 22.05% 27
138th Vivek Saravanan The sun should beat down on the cold for us! 53.76% 27.23% 17
139th zRAGE Lit A Fire. Hot In Here? No. That's Just Me. 53.44% 31.55% 31
140th AnEpikReshiramRBLX - Probably Crappy Machinimas! Stay at home, it's warm, but don't touch that fire! 53.37% 32.59% 22
141st pokemonmanic3595 Move south, it's hot down there this time of year. 53.34% 24.39% 29
142nd lempamo You can fly in a plane to a hot place. 53.33% 27.26% 16
143rd Harry Odiakosa Put your hands in warm milk, stay in, watch BFDI. 53.33% 31.05% 26
144th TheAwesomeDude

You put on gloves and


53.28% 24.83% 22
145th cahlos 11 Don't jump in the snow for you will freeze, duh. 53.10% 27.32% 26
146th AnimationEpic Quite cold air, pain I can't bare. Just don't care. 53.07% 31.56% 22
147th catsanddogs333 Kill memes and use their cool box to stay warm! 52.97% 30.37% 36
148th Erikfassett Let the cats cover you up in their soft fur. 52.92% 31.47% 20
149th MineWraith Build a heat ray and eat the whole world. Bam. 52.90% 26.61% 19
150th Citing Ostrich (StridentBoss) Grab the heat and play catch with a pine tree. 52.87% 22.02% 12
151st Vcr-San You have to fight it with many bowls of soup. 52.75% 30.98% 38
152nd Stalemate You smack cold with a set of drums and sticks. 52.74% 28.17% 16
153rd GoldenMinecraft 29 You should go to Ice Cube Star, it's warm there. 52.67% 29.75% 23
154th PhamtonJax You take a bat for sports and kill it. Fun. 52.38% 28.63% 31
155th ShinyStoutland Stay in and watch TWOW while it is cold out. 52.20% 27.64% 34
156th livingpyramid Light up a large flame in your house; stay warm! 52.16% 28.11% 26

The Futech Hacker

Light Match on fire and burn things. Eat cake too. 52.07% 28.04% 23
TheDonuts42 [Entry 2] To beat cold: beat eggs, make some hot French toast. 51.80% 30.45% 29
158th Loong Yaw Lee Get your suit and hope you don't break a sweat. 51.74% 24.43% 32
159th deepdata1 One word: soup. ... no wait: drugs! ... hang on ... DRUG SOUP! 51.66% 36.09% 24
160th 10gamerguy Cold stands for, 'Cook On Lit Dish." That sounds warm. 51.65% 30.97% 20
161st Villager #9 You punch it in the face with your bare fists. 51.50% 30.20% 20
162nd Kenneth Ruff Be the sponge and stay in your house, it works! 51.48% 32.98% 25
163rd GudPiggeh I can beat the cold with my brand new axe 51.46% 32.70% 30
THATcommentor [Entry 2] Chill out, warm up, get hot, and wait for spring. 51.40% 30.37% 28
164th Krangle Die so that you will not feel cold at all. 51.37% 24.30% 26
165th TheKoolkid209 Wear a coat to stay warm as the cold comes. 51.37% 31.72% 22
166th GreenTree Squish next to your friends like sheep to keep warm. 51.28% 22.88% 19
167th CyanDrop Just ask them fast to change to the spring time! 51.27% 23.73% 26
168th book81able Climb in a Taun Taun and drinks some hot tea. 51.02% 30.06% 29
169th random57877 To beat the cold stay near a warm bright flame. 50.96% 21.94% 17
170th Ben1178 To beat the cold, you must hear some life hacks! 50.96% 34.50% 25
171st Riley You can cut up dogs and bathe in their blood. 50.81% 42.21% 17
172nd FrogEatsGames You can not beat the cold, it wil slay you. 50.81% 23.24% 23
173rd Lpcarver If cold times were not easy to beat, use memes. 50.78% 26.74% 32
174th greenninjalizard123 I'll make the cold more easy to beat with hacks. 50.52% 29.61% 32
175th justthebomb "justthebo50" blue Go get the month June, it will melt the snow. 50.43% 24.64% 29
176th Meduza yt Just do not eat ice cream, and you'll be ok! 50.29% 31.30% 19
177th AugustMK7 Cut down all the trees and burn the house down. 50.19% 23.77% 29
178th REX CAVALIER (Sprite) kill a guy, and you will burn with your sins. 50.19% 29.41% 26
179th WhaiJay Oh, that? Heh, well first, you have to be God. 50.18% 30.19% 29
180th TehPizzaMan I don't get cold. I live in the south. lol 50.09% 28.84% 34
181st Theelementalraccoon How to beat the cold: Sit on a heat pad. 50.00% 27.36% 29
182nd Justyn Rodriguez You should just not live in a place like Maine. 49.90% 32.14% 22
183rd Bendariaku Do not go out once it snows. That is it. 49.88% 31.24% 39
184th MrMGamer The cold can be beat by a fan of heat 49.87% 26.34% 27
185th Wobbuffet64 Drink hot sh*t. Burn mouth. Reach nurse home. Dodge cold. 49.86% 34.79% 30
186th loɹʇuoɔ soɐɥɔ With a sports bat. And some ice cubes. They're cold. 49.83% 27.43% 29
187th Victini and Infinity Productions Go to the word book and puch the word "cold" 49.78% 23.18% 17
188th StarSphere08 I like to stay warm with lots of warm hats! 49.76% 25.69% 30
189th AnonymousMango You can use a snow plow and run it over. 49.74% 26.14% 24
190th QwerbyKing Go all Saint Nick with the boots, coat and hat. 49.71% 24.71% 21
191st The All Rounder / Marble Races The freeze will be dealt with my warm snug fire. 49.70% 29.43% 27
192nd Mapmaker Mapping (Parker Pearmain) To beat the snow, you bring in the bright Sun! 49.66% 29.02% 20
193rd Roston11 To beat the cold stay in your house all day. 49.64% 26.32% 28
194th Shaymin Lover As long as you wear warm clothes, you'll be fine 49.59% 25.35% 18
195th Endr Dragon I will call John Cena to beat the cold up. 49.55% 34.72% 33
196th rinkrat02 beat it with a club that is lit on fire 49.39% 24.23% 21
197th Theo L I will beat the cold with two big, red gloves. 49.39% 28.65% 25
198th Isaiah Y To beat the cold get a stick and beat it 49.34% 28.16% 32
199th 6j108 Eat hot food, stay warm, and don't freeze like... that! 49.33% 22.64% 23
200th RedAdamA (Anything Ever) You must stock up on a lot of hot chocolate. 49.28% 28.67% 45
201st elfireball42 Get rid of the witch, she cast the cold spell! 49.10% 28.85% 45
Xenon Virus [Entry 2] Don't fret, you just wait till my mix tape drops! 49.10% 34.59% 36
202nd DeeandEd Lie in bed and try to sleep through it all. 49.02% 30.72% 24
203rd cool chansey Drink a warm drink and sit by a hot fire. 48.97% 26.87% 18
204th Matthew Doan I used the force, and all the cold was gone! 48.90% 25.32% 20
205th Bazinga_9000 I will light ten flames in my yard. What fun! 48.84% 34.98% 8
206th evan skolnick You move to Guam in the cold times, of course! 48.72% 27.58% 17
207th Mista Fown To beat the cold, eat some hot with no mold. 48.66% 30.19% 35
208th LengthxWidth You can skin a bear to wear the warm fur 48.65% 24.33% 37

Leo O'Connor

Coats, Scarfs and Gloves. Don't slip on the ice rink! 48.63% 26.61% 17
210th SergeantSnivy I'll make the cold a beet plant! Get it? "Beet"? 48.34% 28.45% 21
211th BFDIBOYERSFTW Fight it, in the good ol' boxing ring of fire! 48.32% 29.92% 29
212th Jacob Thomas why, just do what I do: Stay in your house! 48.03% 28.65% 14
Paintspot Infez [Entry 2] Stay near teens! They call all things lit and fire! 47.87% 33.91% 21
213th TheUtubedude101 Punch it in the face. Then give it a cold. 47.64% 32.40% 28
214th Krishna Mandal Just wear a ton of clothes that avoid the cold. 47.64% 29.97% 17
215th DahKillahAidan You pin it on a wall and punch it hard. 47.53% 23.78% 18
216th Battle for Something Official (BFST) Give the cold a warm. That will do the job. 47.51% 30.07% 21
217th John Dubuc Play some drums, to make some beats; then comes heat! 47.34% 30.75% 32
218th JerusalemStrayCat We tried a heat wave this month - it worked great! 47.12% 28.91% 18
219th Quinson Hon I can fight the cold in a brawl and win. 47.12% 30.73% 32
220th Justin Lo Use the heat from all the mad books who lost 47.07% 29.60% 25
221st Thedrievrienden Kill all beast and take their fur, wash them first. 46.97% 27.97% 12
222nd ~Mr Sunny~ You'll need a HOT bod, or else... you will freeeeeeezzeeee!!!!!!!!! 46.88% 28.00% 36
223rd Donnie Melton One way to beat the cold is to stay home. 46.86% 23.88% 36
224th RunToastRun & (ToastBeRunnin) Wear A Fur Coat Made From Leaves And Drink Cheese. 46.82% 26.41% 32
225th Ean EStone Burn some wood so you can have a heat source. 46.67% 31.40% 25
226th Aiden .C Ask the cold to dance, he will get BEAT up! 46.54% 28.80% 21
227th Wyatt Buss Stop Elsa once and for all to beat the freeze. 46.49% 34.66% 23
228th Stadin6 do not h8, do not sk8, give me your cape 46.46% 33.85% 32
229th NoobWithAFez Shove your face in hot oil, should be 'nuff. 46.31% 27.57% 18
230th Ali161102 I guess you could just not go out at all. 46.29% 29.67% 38
231st NitroNinja You just have to Let it go! Let it go! 46.29% 33.05% 41
232nd ahahahajee Store food in the fridge, and isolate till' spring comes. 46.28% 31.58% 21
233rd SuperTurtlle408 Beat the cold with a huge punch to the face! 46.23% 30.09% 20
234th Ulises Castillo To keep warm hear my new song it is fire 46.10% 29.49% 41
235th RidgeRR4 Sing "Rain Rain Go Away", but replace "rain" with "cold". 46.06% 34.45% 29
236th legotd61 You move to the north and leave the south. 45.89% 34.28% 30
237th Cyffreddinol To beat the cold, you must eat hot coal. 45.84% 29.48% 23
238th mmKALLL You must stay in and play games all the time. 45.51% 24.52% 18
239th YearsAnimations You should try and run from the cold, trust me. 45.37% 26.23% 22
240th RAM Turtle We can do it! We have hope, belief and fire! 45.34% 28.88% 20
241st Peter N You punch cold things like ice and snow quite hard 45.07% 32.84% 28
242nd Bahgg Muhhbah (of the many realms) Get the cold out of your home with some fire! 44.98% 27.03% 34
243rd ScienceFreakProductions You tie the cold's shoes to it's chair, fair fight 44.87% 20.95% 18
244th Law Dog You win a race and that's how you beat it . 44.85% 27.94% 23
245th Diamondcup67 Get a bad burn, you will stay warm all year! 44.84% 24.45% 14
246th Sam-Fone Cheung If you are cold, set your house on fire. 44.72% 26.93% 16
247th Emation1 Make a torch. You'll have fire when you need it! 44.67% 28.68% 25
248th Pandadude12345 You can not, the cold will freeze you to death. 44.65% 26.46% 29
249th Thecactigod Oh Wear a big dope sick hat to keep you warm 44.55% 23.34% 10
250th XO Mapping You don't give old men names that start with "C". 44.44% 31.65% 21
251st Izumi Yoshida Search the data! Failed. No way to fight the cold 44.42% 29.00% 25
252nd BinaryBubbleGaming if the cold's what you want to beat, use heat 44.23% 33.61% 25
253rd pokpower8 To keep warm, Steer clear from the cold night storm. 44.07% 30.76% 18
254th FlareonTheFlareon Use the heat to punch the cold out of space! 43.99% 17.31% 14
255th Andrew Ratzlaff You can beat the cold with a really big stick 43.97% 33.99% 19
256th 2NoobFriendz To beat the cold you need to slay the sun. 43.79% 25.26% 19
257th bubblestars Make sure to take that coat out for the cold. 43.65% 27.26% 30
The Slime Bros [Entry 2] You can stay in your house all day and play! 43.61% 26.35% 37
258th matheweon I'll light my house on fire to beat the cold. 43.59% 29.95% 14
259th SolarBolt4 (TheShinyRayquaza47) Lock your self in a sauna until spring is here. 43.46% 27.45% 36
260th lorri peterman Stare at your warm screen this day and the next. 43.29% 27.04% 26
261st Reid Pozzi Tell the darn cold to go die in a hole. 43.00% 24.83% 40
262nd DanTheStripe Die by big cliff jump. If you're dead, you're safe! 42.66% 33.94% 28
263rd Awesomeness765 Run as fast as you can, and then you'll win! 42.54% 29.03% 44
264th Objectdude73 Miss "Let it Go" needs to see her end quick! 42.26% 35.40% 20
265th YellowJellow12 Gaming A scarf is beat in cold days in the year! 42.22% 25.42% 36
266th stephan Eijgelaar By keeping your self warm... That's not hard. Isn't it? 42.18% 27.06% 18
267th David Rycan With a steel rod, speed boost and a stone mace. 42.07% 29.53% 24
268th Christian deWeever You mask Jack Frost in wood chips and burn him. 42.01% 19.77% 16
269th Object Awards Dye your hair red, it's a warm and bright hue. 42.00% 29.53% 23
270th Ieatpie Productions It is great to put on coats when it's cold 41.87% 28.50% 21
271st iAnimate38 You will stay warm if you sit by the fire! 41.77% 27.05% 18
272nd sharunkis Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and you MIGHT live. 41.70% 34.20% 15
273rd WindowVoid Take a wood bat and beat it lots of times. 41.12% 25.13% 20
274th Zachary Ridall Please try not to shoot your eye out 41.01% 32.09% 38
275th Sam Billinge This year, go for a run, lose weight, have fun 40.74% 26.30% 18
276th BeastModeON ! Start a fire, sit, and watch BFDIA 6. oh wait 40.37% 34.17% 18
277th Poilik098 fly south with the birds, then fly back in march 40.28% 22.18% 8
278th TimVideo 326 Beat the cold with a coat safe at Tim's store. 39.96% 22.84% 20
279th IzlePox Catch your house on fire and stand in it. 39.63% 32.21% 25
280th Huri Churi you punch the cold in the face and kill it 39.61% 24.83% 38
281st taopwnh6427 I like to beat the cold with Fly Swat's head. 39.60% 19.60% 19
282nd Timm638 Bake a rice cake and get it to space 39.57% 28.32% 19
283rd 1Kick 234 Don't go in the snow. Stay in a warm house. 39.54% 30.96% 15
284th WildKat Put your hands in your pits and chase weird things. 39.47% 25.06% 37


Rank Username Submission Percentile Std. Dev. Votes
285th 2004froggy CP AJ Wear stuff that is warm and make it cool daze! 39.42% 24.55% 26
286th Jack Orange You should slap ducks and stay in your small house. 39.35% 25.82% 40
287th NOT a gaming channel You should go move to Perth; it is warm there. 39.30% 22.62% 26
288th Jacoub The Person* First, I need ice cream! Wait, that makes me cold. 39.18% 30.60% 16
289th DONT VOTE IN THE COMMENTS Don't hang out with ice cube, and always avoid cuts. 39.11% 28.43% 30
290th TheKimpesShow you just hit cold in its face with your fists 39.08% 28.92% 23
291st bazedzach Lay in bed and die, just like my Uncle Frank! 39.04% 33.41% 20
292nd geisterfurz007 I use the warm voice of the brain of TWOW 38.99% 31.68% 15
293rd Cactus Power I try to not go any place but my home. 38.95% 27.75% 37
294th FireProofPotatoes Go hide in the heat of July. 38.52% 27.77% 28
295th Aliendude 321 I do zilch as it's not cold where I live. 38.48% 26.64% 21
296th WhattheDerp Try not to run around and bathe in the snow 38.38% 24.40% 22
297th ElectricPichu What kind of math do Snowy Owls like? Owlgebra! 38.28% 34.66% 19
298th Minecraft Player Don't of out in the nude. Trust me. 'Twas bad. 38.12% 27.61% 26
299th TheNamelessChannel Call John Cena. John plays his song and smashes cold. 37.87% 32.40% 21
300th Rainbow drugg Call me and I will give you a pair of gloves 37.71% 32.22% 33
301st NumberDerp To beat this cold time, you can not beat it. 37.71% 22.05% 24
302nd pokemonwalkingdead give it a cold first No Soup For You Frost 37.64% 28.11% 28
303rd Nazrininator Just move towards the south. You will leave the cold. 37.58% 21.85% 20
304th shannon spriggs To beat off the cold times, punch it off to France! 37.58% 30.13% 30
305th nathan T The cold is a wuss; just slap 'im 'cross the face. 37.57% 34.20% 24
306th Hugheseyboy 103 listen to my mixtape, it spits hot, flaming fire mate 37.36% 30.86% 29
307th CobaltGameMixer676 Heat up a page of Book, and watch it burn! 37.32% 31.16% 19
308th PlasmaEmpire Through the cold snow, we may prize nice, warm drinks. 37.31% 28.51% 19
309th Novakobx22 Just use a warm grill and you will make it. 37.08% 19.38% 19
310th edtringaming* It's 6º, so wear fur coats or die (a lot)! 36.92% 29.55% 31
311th Br Miller Not my hitch. Sad folks who live in the north. 36.91% 28.71% 31
312th CrazyCyanWaffle Go get a whisk from the store and stir it. 36.51% 22.48% 24
313th AsrielAvenue The East Coast will freeze. The West Coast will melt. 36.23% 23.14% 19
314th SilverKoopa888 I Know! I got a brand new set of wear. 36.01% 25.81% 27
315th Brandon Olague the best way to beat the winter is JOHN CENA 35.97% 34.57% 28
316th Lukas Chan Your mom is so fat, she could KILL the cold! 35.74% 34.98% 16
317th Miniwa the adventrurer Go jump into a volcano, that will keep you warm. 35.67% 26.57% 11
318th Cy Duck Abe, no lies, said it would be, so get heat. 35.67% 22.06% 20
319th CubeBag You won't need to dress for warmth. Why? Global Warming! 35.56% 27.97% 16
320th Mr Leafy The Leafeon2 To beat it, you must shout, "GET OUT OF HERE!!" 35.21% 26.93% 28
321st AnimationArtist To beat the cold you must start to work out. 34.95% 28.30% 32
Yessoan [Entry 2] Punch it! Cold has a poor fight style. 34.83% 27.81% 36
322nd CommentingEevee With books and hot apple juice in a warm home. 34.39% 25.41% 23
323rd retro boy play a round in mario kart. he's bad at it. 34.08% 28.53% 33
324th Minh Nguyễn Nhật Guess I will burn me to death in the fire. 33.97% 21.65% 22
325th Mason Liu (ThePiGuy31415926535) Lock your self in a room with a hot chick 33.88% 32.30% 31
326th MatrVincent - Servicing the Object Community! You should sing a song! It will make you feel warm! It works for me :) 33.84% 29.87% 32
327th Denis Kogevnikov I don't have snow,so I don't have much cold. 33.77% 27.09% 19
328th A Doctor Who I'll warm you with friends so you can to me. 33.65% 24.78% 17
329th akka777 It would be best to not freeze your nose off. 33.33% 26.93% 23
330th Kyle Stubbs To beat the cold, I use a red-hot whip. 33.25% 27.00% 43
331st Andy Pham Throw the sun down to the earth so we die! 32.87% 26.16% 40
332nd Colin Ho Go to Star Wars, get Luke's light sword. Light=Heat. 32.87% 26.65% 18
333rd Ruby Ninja ~you steal a hood in the cold from a cool dude 32.75% 32.46% 26
334th ‫ישראלה מויאל‬‎  don't be outside, stay at home with the Air Conditioner 32.45% 34.31% 23
335th Nate Animations we will punch the sad cold right in the face 32.39% 25.38% 16
336th Pie Mc Pie you need a pep talk from a pep-er get it 32.27% 26.10% 18
337th Mudkipian Emporer when you play clue with it, look at the answer. 32.11% 24.06% 29
338th SupremeGoldenRockies My tip is to stay warm or I might die. 31.56% 23.49% 20
339th bra me Eat the warm food from the cool bake place now. 30.56% 20.85% 20
340th brettsmart58 Wear the best and the most brave boots out there. 29.09% 23.51% 15
341st Aqua Vulpes Just hop on a car with HOT girls and that should beat the cold. 28.10% 31.25% 27
342nd dombie brains Krampus devoured it as Krampus is jealous of November 31st. 27.96% 32.20% 32
343rd TheRedArmy In order to beat the cold you could eat warm things. 27.84% 23.42% 33
344th Coo haa Wear a scarf to fight off the cold monster. 26.95% 30.32% 22
345th east3myway Wear a shrug to be warm, or turn on the stove! 26.76% 25.73% 29
346th M&M Awesome I will beat the cold with lots of clothes. 26.19% 24.47% 19
347th Thatkomedykid - great comedy videos! be hot, man, and eat cod. 25.65% 28.90% 25
348th Auto Cats Hi I'm barry scott! Bang and the cold is gone 25.53% 29.41% 16
349th SBem14 You'll be warm if your blood has not run cold. 23.52% 17.14% 13
350th TDSwaggyBoy Drink Hot Chocolate / Wait, is that 10 already? Darn. Bye 23.08% 24.25% 14
351st danielordeath "BFRI SOON" 2015 Heat Cold 22.43% 27.58% 25
352nd Magical Genie To beat the cold, make sure you do not get frost bite. 22.26% 26.87% 29
353rd Ue Hang Wong Give letter C a new cloth so its not cold. 17.92% 22.69% 15
354th Phantastrophy F*ck you cary i should have won. Twow is stupid. Hating twow is gonna make me get warm. 17.10% 31.08% 50
355th Jacob Ward Chuck Norris hated how November 31st was Mr.T day. 16.33% 24.87% 24

.*Cary accidentally cut off the first letter of Jacoub The Person's response and edtringaming's degree symbol didn't show up due to Cary's font, so they were brought back in TWOW 3B because they missed out on the threshold by less than 5%.