I still find it impressive that in TWOW 12, you were the only member of the top 10 who DIDN'T use a pun. What are the chances? I saw xXBombs_AwayXx[sic], some_nerd (The Pi Guy), Hazel Cricket, and Tak Ajnin disapprove of puns in the comments. You are their leader now.

carykh, TWOW 13A

TheMightyMidge, labelled the Leader of the Pun Resistance, is a top-10 contestant in Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status

TheMightyMidge is an eliminated contestant as of TWOW 22B.


  • Midge revealed that Sam Billinge was an alternate account in TWOW 14A, so Sam was disqualified.
  • Midge was previously banned from HTwins Central for a high quantity of rules infractions, and is the only top-22 contestant to have been. He has since been pardoned, though stripped of his Alumni role.
  • Midge held the title of Efficiency Champion for the greatest amount of episodes.
  • Unlike the others, his original elimination card uses his actual book instead of a drawn version of it.
  • His final response was very close to his worst, beating it by only 0.52%.

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Th - -
TWOW 13A Leader of the Pun Resistance -
TWOW 14A S1themightymidge ...sandwiches This is a continuation of Sam Billinge’s confessional that episode.
TWOW 15A - is gone!
TWOW 16A Wow, I never expected to get this far. Thank You to everyone who has voted and has given me encouragement to carry on. Also, it's myself and Midnight Light reppin' it for the Brits. Hope to see more in Season Two!
TWOW 17A S1themightymidge-2 An ode to Yessoan: Your Enema Smells Strange. Open Asscrack Now! Cary attempted to censor this confessional by replacing the vowels in “Asscrack” with asterisks and also by not reading it aloud.
TWOW 18A -
TWOW 19A -
TWOW 20A For Tak...
TWOW 21A Ta bron orm Pucks, and sorry to all the haters who wanted to see me gone, you were very unlucky. I know I'm very unpopular with many people on HTwins Central, but that makes me like Trump, and we all know what happened there... #MakeHTwinsCentralGreatAgain
TWOW 22A -



Responses (edit)
Episode Response Ranking Average percentile Standard deviation Words
1 November 31st rode into the sunset and never came back 45 66.9420% 24.8850% 10
2 To keep out the cold this year, burn a corpse 52 62.3306% 29.8423% 10
3 The grand scanned land was more bland than they planned 43 60.0973% 35.4379% 10
4 The World Antidisestablishmentarianism Debate was awkward, Snakes only speak Farsi! 14 65.3644% 29.5779% 10
5 A Science Haiku
Chloroplasts hold Chlorophyll
Which makes green flora
39 55.7522% 30.0089% 10
6 Describe the plot of your favourite film in 10 words. 33 55.7348% 28.4669% 10
7 Give some Turkey or a Canada Chile to the Hungary. 36 53.5732% 31.9092% 10
8 Some Underwater Boats Make All Radical Islamists Never Ejaculate Semen 51 43.9425% 32.1038% 10
9 I'm (not) American, so I say colo(u)r, program(me) and jewel(le)ry. 19 56.7269% 32.8677% 10
10 The Plates looked on helplessly, as their friend shattered mercilessly. 26 49.5109% 28.7009% 10
11 Cowards have too much class, cats just lick their ass. 8 55.6714% 33.3723% 10
12 Ruby doesn't exist. Jade was sent to a mental asylum. 7 56.8899% 34.7632% 10
13 2 b orr nt 2 b, tht iz da queshtun 7 54.8091% 31.8634% 10
14 Intellectual diversity should come above the desires of identity politicians. 14 46.9515% 27.1423% 10
15 LAWYER REQUIRED: We're being sued because stewed food is rude! 7 51.4885% 31.7866% 10
16 Do you speak to your mother like that? How rude! 8 50.1639% 30.7110% 10
17 (Entry 1) Collective Ownership Makes Many Uneasy. Nevertheless, Individuals Share Their Stuff. 8 51.8491% 28.1084% 10
17 (Entry 2) Albania Zambia Ethiopia Russia Botswana Armenia India Jamaica Australia Nicaragua. N/A (10.4) 42.4679% 33.8889% 10