some_nerd (The Pi Guy)'s spreadsheet tells me you are the most controversial living TWOWer overall. But when I think of you, I remember your Trump response being the first time I ever mentions Trump on TWOW, starting the Trump epidemic of TWOW 3.
xXBombs_ AwayXx, nicknamed the Trump Epicenter, is a contestant who ranked nineteenth in Ten Words of Wisdom season one.

Game status

xXBombs_ AwayXx is currently eliminated, earning 19th place in the first season.


  • xXBombs_ AwayXx is one of the "TWOW Gods," shown on the TWOW Spreadsheet, along with some_nerd (The Pi Guy), Riley, and GreenTree. He was the first of the four to get eliminated.
  • Due to Sam Billinge admitting that he and The Mighty Midge are the same person in the TWOW Discord Chat, many people were stating that one of the two accounts should be eliminated, and that the TWOWers that placed 22nd-19th should move up one rank, thus having xXBombs_ AwayXx brought back into the game. However, when Cary applied the Alternate Universe theory by having it be the final 21 TWOWers instead of 22, he came to the conclusion that 4 contestants would still be eliminated, including xXBombs_ AwayXx. Henceforth, xXBombs_ AwayXx was not let back in.
  • He made a video saying that Midnight Light and Juhmatok, as well as a voter AlsoSofia, are alternate accounts of Ferok. After watching this, Cary didn’t eliminate either, but Juhmatok quit due to this later in the season.

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Xx - -
TWOW 13A Trump Epicenter -
TWOW 21B King Bombs -



Responses (edit)
Episode Response Ranking Average percentile Standard deviation Words
1 He was deathly allergic to the date November the 30th. 213 53.0490% 30.5850% 10
2 Vote for Trump. Let the riot fires warm your house." 5 75.3872% 37.5315% 10
3 The terrain couldn't grow weed, therefore unsustainable for human life. 72 55.5556% 37.3408% 10
4 The juxtaposition of World War 2 and Hanukkah was awkward. 61 56.0239% 29.4505% 10
5 A Slithering Spire
Rising Ivy Thrives Higher
Massacre With Fire
10 64.2015% 32.1750% 10
6 Write a Haiku about animals. Plants didn't really "branch" out. 16 56.5124% 29.3893% 10
7 Disassemble the totalitarian torture Juhmotak has imposed on troubled TWOWers. 45 51.6215% 29.3524% 10
8 Censorship Of Men Might Undermine Nationalism In Stalin's Terrifying Superpower. 28 54.1218% 30.5460% 10
9 Sam decided to (c)hop up and (fil)let his dog('s) inside(s). 11 61.9103% 30.0964% 10
10 Fires suffer from lung cancer because they can't stop smoking. 11 55.8264% 32.1216% 10
11 They're firemen, they save cats from trees and extinguish things. 9 55.4412% 32.4134% 10
12 A sudden stock market crash left Jade homeless and tree-less. 18 47.9350% 28.6505% 10
13 Gh0als iyn L1fe r sckord bi cuMpashun aynd cownt p3rmaneNtlee 19 42.5752% 28.3082% 10