You were the first victor of TWOW ever, which is quite mind-boggling if you consider the fact that the first TWOW result I EVER SAW outputed from my program was yours. But I'm gonna call you a board game expert because both of your #1 entries used them (Monopoly, chess).
Yessoan, nicknamed the Board Game Expert, is a top-3 contestant in Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status

Yessoan is currently alive as of TWOW 23B.

Yessoan currently has a 69.03% chance of making the Final 2, and a 34.99% chance of winning all of TWOW (as of TWOW 23B).


  • Yessoan was the first contestant to win three TWOW season 1 prompts.
  • He is one of only two S1 TWOWers (the other being Joseph Howard) who has won four rounds.
  • The only times Yessoan has received a prize were the times when he won the round.
  • He is the first round winner.
  • Yessoan is the last person with 1 word in their name.
  • He is one of four S1 contestants with different colored eyes, the others being Midnight Light, Tak Ajnin, and Taopwnh6427.
  • His old book (fourth custom book) had numbers that represented the other remaining TWOWers.

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Ye - -
TWOW 13A Board Game Expert -
TWOW 14A S1yessoan-1 Hi everyone! Thanks for helping me get this far, I'm glad you like board games too! I'm really nervous with TWOW, so much so that sometimes I take up to an hour to think of an answer. Good luck to everyone else!
TWOW 15A -
TWOW 16A S1yessoan It's crazy to make it this far, and I want to thank everyone who has wished me well. It'll take every ounce of strategy, intellect and luck I have to pull this out, but this is a game I'm ready to play. Let's ROLL THE DICE!
TWOW 17A Consistancy[sic] really adds flair to your 7's
TWOW 18A S1yessoan-3 Woah, final 9? That's amazing! Thanks to lorenTzel for updating my rulebook! It contains all the secrets for amazing responses ;)
TWOW 19A S1yessoan-19a Crafty nooo! I shall avenge you... somehow... I guess that's not how this works. Book level 2, courtesy of Crafty power!
  • This book image resulted from a misinterpretation: Yessoan wanted his main book holding the rulebook. He requested that this be fixed in the B half, which it was.
  • The dice on the front cover pay homage to both living and dead TWOWers:
TWOW 19B S1yessoan-4 -
TWOW 20A Heeeeyyyyyyyy everyone! TWOW is getting pretty close, realistically its[sic] anyone's game! Who will triumph? Who will be the next to go? Who is the best at Mario Party?

Only time will tell, as we play... TEN WORDS OF WISDOM, FINAL 7 EDITION! (except that last question, the answer is me, obviously)

TWOW 21A Thanks everyone for a year of TWOW! That's all, gotta keep these episodes short after all. (Everybody play games! They're fun and good for your brain!)
TWOW 22A S1yessoan-5 Final 5 is tense, but I hope the audience enjoys these final rounds of highly intellectual combat. En Garde! (Also, made it to my birthday, score!)
  • The initials of the first eight words of the confessional spell “FFITBIHT,” which supposedly hints at the Fitbit watch Yessoan received as a Christmas gift.
  • This book commemorates several contestants from before, including Crafty7 (book colors on spine, tennis ball cover) and Spicyman33 (book colors on spine, fireball trail).
TWOW 23A A party of four, the most uncertain and luck based[sic] number of attendees for a party! Hope I roll well.
Oh, and thanks for watching everyone! Your support is super appreciated!


Responses (edit)
Episode Response Ranking Average percentile Standard deviation Words
1 November was bad at monopoly, and had to trade it. 1 84.5530% 21.3770% 10
2 (Entry 1) Move to the sun and cold will leave you be. 136 53.9945% 36.4073% 10
2 (Entry 2) Punch it! Cold has a poor fight style. N/A (322) 34.8297% 27.8091% 8
3 The continent speaks! It asks kindly to be kept secret. 113 51.8297% 30.9794% 10
4 Dodecahedron world may be sunny, but has many awkward angles. 57 56.8468% 29.7219% 10
5 Photosynthesis.
The hottest energy trend.
Love yummy sun beams.
85 49.6980% 28.2931% 10
6 Which super power would be the most fun to have? 43 53.8981% 22.9169% 10
7 Throw a party and then give it to someone else. 55 48.9619% 26.8202% 10
8 Contestants Hurriedly Answer Lavish Language Exercises, Needing Grand, Entertaining Solutions. 13 61.4114% 28.5630% 10
9 Remember, you must keep close(r) what (is in) you(r) hear(t) 36 47.2800% 28.5287% 10
10 In Chess, pawns cannot retreat, only charge to their deaths. 1 71.5165% 28.1724% 10
11 (Entry 1) Shiny cowards are incredibly flammable, and could ignite beloved cats. 7 55.9229% 25.9956% 10
11 (Entry 2) Because their internet is slow, they need SOMETHING to do. N/A (11) 53.5547% 33.2442% 10
12 Jade realized she'd accidentally left her arms at Ruby's house. 12 51.2892% 31.1054% 10
13 Uisng Typoglyceima efefctievly, eevry wrod wtrietn hree bcmeoes esialy utndesorod. 4 58.2810% 30.4599% 10
14 Though same and familiar would be comfortable, diversity creates innovation. 1 60.1653% 27.5181% 10
15 (Entry 1) Hidden off mainstreet, enjoy discrete, salad or meat, eat Bittersweet! 4 53.5831% 29.0524% 10
15 (Entry 2) Where did those leftover crumbs come from? We'll never tell! N/A (13) 47.0887% 29.8191% 10
16 You're talking nonsense! Have you understood anything I've been saying? 6 51.0387% 30.9310% 10
17 (Entry 1) SofteninG OpulencE ON TenderesT HealthfuL EmbracE 3 56.8962% 33.5414% 6
17 (Entry 2) climactiC crescendO, learN euphoriC moraL, adieU allieS, confettI, primO champioN N/A (10.6) 38.7227% 28.3092% 10

18 (Entry 1)

There (i)s no I(ntellegent solutions) in team(work, in most cases).  4  59.63%  28.80%  10
18 (Entry 2) Its done! A break(through) from (research) work, exhaust(ive colossal power)ed. N/A (7.5) 50.28% 26.79% 10
19 (Entry 1) Depends on how quickly I can knock your lights out. 5 52.29% 31.15% 10
19 (Entry 2) The pace at which a jedi converts to a sith. N/A (8.4) 45.97% 32.04% 10
20 (Entry 1) Rank this above the entry directly below the top one. 5 50.61% 29.85% 10
20 (Entry 2) Prioritise Linguistics. any competition entries Found intricate really should triumph. N/A (7.8) 41.80% 29.92% 10
21 (Entry 1) Our avian traffic navigator is no coward, winning mad cash. 5 51.88% 28.98% 10
21 (Entry 2) TWOW boosts! This fowl can stay living while winging it. N/A (6.9) 39.19% 32.20% 10
22 (Entry 1) Dream Island and Atlantis are amazingly alike; Allegorical AND alone... 3 51.10% 27.38% 10
22 (Entry 2) Dream island doesn't dwell deep, Atlantis accepts all animated adventurers. N/A (4.75) 45.03% 27.19% 10